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Post by jmad »

Hi, just joined as I am looking at a second hand Ioniq 5. The car is an 2022 AWD Ultimate UK. I have searched around and found conflicting information on whether the ultimate spec in 2022 comes with any form of battery pre conditioning or heat pump. Was it an extra? does it need to have the Eco pack? Is there any way for me to check if the car has either?

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Post by TerryMac »

My understanding is a heat pump is extra for a 22 or 23 Ultimate. At some stage in 2022 preconditioning was added as standard, not sure when. I believe it only works when the driver uses the car’s navigation to reach the charging station
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Post by PCKnight »

I have a 2023 Ionic 5 Namsan Edition. On the upper console (where the interior lights are) there appear to be rear facing protrusions. They look a bit like cameras. Are they movement sensors and part of the alarm system?
They do not appear to be mentioned in the manual. Any idea what they are?



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