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Post by Wokhei »

Hi there
Recently acquired Ioniq 5 77 kwh AWD ultimate tech.
Was at Moto Swansea and tried to charge at their ultrafast 350kw chargers for the first time (normally charge at home - first long trip out). None of them worked with the car (tried 4 charging stations). All tried to started charging but then stopped saying that there was an internal error. Called Gridserve and they tried to correct it from their end but no joy.
Went to their medium power ones and worked fine. Charged at 65kw. A bit annoying as had to stay 30 minutes longer than necessary.
Anyone else experienced problems with ultrafast chargers?

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Post by Burntcrisps2 »

Only used Ionity at Peterborough and got 215kW charge rate
Connected up at 22%soc on way back home from Norfolk.


It’s a MY22.5 Ultimate AWD 73kW first reg late Sep22

Try Ionity if near or on travels, if still not as good at low Soc (see Fastned charge curve) then get dealership to check and apply any updates as maybe some due. Seen some TB’S to do with charging.
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Post by Sirius2188 »

I have also stopped at Peterborough at the 350 kwh chargers. No issue at all. Have you tried it again at another fast charger?
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Post by Zim »

I used ESB in Cardiff, which are the only 350kw ones in the city, and it peaked at 150kw but it reached that speed quickly and remained there throughout the charge, from about 45% to 80%. Haven't tried any others yet so may have been an isolated issue with the chargers that day
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Post by Calculus242 »

Just picked up on this as I've just joined the forum. I've used Gridserve ultrafast chargepoints at Exeter, Thurrock, Pease Pottage and the electric forecourt at Braintree. There have been few problems. I've had to swap chargepoints to get a charge a 2 or 3 times but usually it's first time. In my 72kWhr RWD I5 I generally get 175kW speeds - 22% to 80% in 16 mins at Braintree for example.
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Me again! I had to unexpectedly extend a journey this week and I did not have enough charge to get home. Bad news, I was in the Solent area where the provision of ultra-fast charging is pathetic. I went to a Shell chargepoint at Waitrose Havant (yes, I was that desperate!) and had a strange problem. The connection was made as if charging was starting but the chargepoint made a big bang and then stopped. The error message said that the car had done something "unexpected". I tried again and got the same result. Anyone else had the same experience?

I also tried two BP and one Morrisons GeniePoint chargepoints which all refused to take payments or RFID cards. Eventually Fareham Instavolt came to my rescue.
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