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Post by holard »

I occassionally have difficulty in selecting drive mode. Gets stuck in Neutral then asks to put into Park mode to select drive or reverse. Takes about 5 or 6 attempts beore engaging in drive mode I require. Only happens about once a week or so but nevertheless would like to know how to overcome the problem. Any ideas.

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I got the same problem yesterday , after trying to get it to work for 15 mins I gave up and called the assistance , AA man came after 30 mins and sods law he put it in forward and off it went perfectly OK . The unacceptable answer seem to be lock it , go for a 30 minute walk and when you get back it will probably work . I am waiting to see if it does again and I will contact Hyundai for a fix
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I have encountered the same problem on several occasions. The first time, I think, it was because I switched on without putting my foot on the brake, the next was when I opened the door, without switching off, at a car parking barrier because I couldn't reach the machine.
Both times I turned off without putting my foot on the brake, then restarted with the brake depressed, it all worked ok then. I have to say I dont't know why it happens, I guess the first time does it start in utility mode and the second time I left it in drive mode when I opened the door and it again switched into utility as a safety precaution.

This car is a mystery to me!!!!

Does anyone else know any more.

Sorry, it's the gear selector ie D N R, I am referring to, the drive mode is Sport, Eco Snow etc.
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Post by Burntcrisps2 »

In comparison, the Ioniq5 has already failed (on my driveway) to start and go into drive mode.
4Jun2023 I had it on charge from solar and went out opened boot (boot only) and put the dogs in.
(This is normal as the older dog goes nuts once he realises we are off somewhere, so once he’s in the car he’s happy he’s not going to be left behind.)
Opened car too and left drivers door open, mainly for airflow into car.
Car had nearly 80% soc and after 5 mins or so sorting stuff we all got in to set off.
Turned car on and realised I had forgotten to unplug charge cable.
Did so, got back in and could not get into drive.
Turned off, on, got out, locked, unlocked. No drive.
Tried a number of times trying various sequence of things. Still no go.
Checked 12v battery, reading 12.01v so low.
Gave up and used our Zoe to get to family event.
I did plug Hundy back into charger to leave it on charge from solar.
Later in day back home, car fully charged.
Unlocked car, opened frunk and checked 12v which was now showing 12.4v
Car of course immediately went into ready and drive ok.
Not sure if this is a 12v thing (probably) and it needs updates doing or in fact it’s the charge door/port not saying it’s not connected as we had the same issue a week later, but locking and waiting 2 minutes it then worked OK.
Car is booked in later this month for software updates as I can tell the pre-con update hasn’t been done, but no idea on others as its dealer access info only. Trust they get it done as when I booked it they said the updates often cant be done because of server issues. I also popped into dealership as its next to Wickes and I was getting some DIY stuff and as part of conversation they said they had 5 engineers off that day, which probably means only the one guy working, maybe two. No wonder the booking wait is over one month plus to get an appointment.
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