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Hi folks. My Ioniq 5 is due in a few weeks, so what do I do now? Are there any apps I need to download so I can use public chargers, & how do I pay to use them? I'm in central Scotland, so what the best public chargers to use, or do they all do a similar job at a similar price? Also, I'm not looking to spend crazy money on a home charger, so what's the best, but not too expensive home charger to buy. Currently I'm not on any special tarrif for my electricity, any deals for these? (I've not got solar panels fitted) And finally, please tell me I've made the right decision to get an Ioniq 5, because all I'm seeing on social media are people having problems with them.

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I've had my ioniq5 for 12 months and not had any problems , it's not perfect with minor design flaws , but what car is perfect . I've got a Podpoint home charger which I've had for 3 years and as for charge cards I've got an octopus electroverse one and I'm also on octopus go tariff which gives me 4 hours from 00.30 at 9.5 p per kilowatt . Over the last year the car has done 4.5 miles to the kw with a mixture of driving
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Try bonnet app if you are going to be charging on public chargers a lot. For a monthly subscription (upto £8) price you get a discount on public charger costs (upto 15%). Only worth it if you charge a lot outside ie the savings are more than your subscription 🙂
https://www.joinbonnet.com/bonnet-ev-ch ... e-easy-2-0.

If you are interested , message me and I can share a referral code for a month off on subscription
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