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Post by harrieruk »

Evening all,

Has anyone tried the Tesla Superchargers here in the UK yet? I tried the ones in Birmingham today (they are part of the dozen or so locations in the current trial that Tesla are operating for non-Tesla car access). I could get the chargers to initiate and start charging, it would get to an indicated 50kW charging rate (all chargers at the site were 250kW rated) then stop, I tried several of the chargers and the same thing happened.

So I guess I'm wondering if there is a known issue with the chargers are my beloved Ioniq 5?

Hoping someone else has tried and can let me know their experience.


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Post by rustillin2it »

Did you ever get any more information on this? I'm wondering can we use ANY tesla chargers in any capacity?
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Post by RACIONIC5 »

I got this from latest fromHyundai UK
Thank you for your patience, in view of your recent enquiry we followed up with our European Quality team, the response provided is that Hyundai Motor Company have been in discussion with Tesla about the issue and it’s related to the Tesla charge point software.

It’s a Tesla software issue and they will be releasing a software patch to their V3 charge points later this year. As this is specific to Tesla, I'm unable to provide any confirmed timescales for this to take place.
The IONIQ 5 will not currently charge on the high power 250kw V3 Tesla charger although from the information I have been given it will charge on the 150kw V2 charger.

Therefore, this a compatibility issue with another manufacturer’s chargers and not a fault with the IONIQ 5 itself.
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Post by Burntcrisps2 »

That’s interesting to know and as I’m near Banbury will have to give it a go to see. Used to have a latest build I-pace and that worked fine at 110 kW rate.
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Post by strongt »

Bit late to the party here, but i was able to charge at the Tesla V2 charger in Dundee no problems, I got a steady 97Kw.
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Post by RACIONIC5 »

Hi all how do I find Tesla V2 chargers on zapmap chargemyhyundai or Electromaps and how do i identify V2 chargers when I drive up to them?
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Post by Codpiece »

Hi. We are currently on holiday in South Austria with ioniq 5. The tesla sites I've been able to use are 150kwh or 125kwh which are v2. They can be identified by the charger cable being a lot thicker than the v3 cables ( v2 are approx 38mm diameter and v2 approx 25mm).

I have downloaded and signed up for the tesla account at £10.99 / month. You save this much on your 1st charge with the discounted rate.

Another good site is electroverse ( if you have an Octopus home account the 2 can be linked and you get 8% discount)
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