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Just about to take delivery of I5 nasam. Which home charger would you reccomend . I have PV and would like to use it to charge and combine with octopus go . And be able to do V2L
What do you reccomend please

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Since you are with Octopus, check out the offers they have from Ohme, Zappi etc.

I have PV, Powerwall2, Zappi and with Octopus (IO) Intelligent Octopus tariff as currently have an I-pace and it works well with a standard 6hrs. Off peak and dynamic extra HH slots that IO generates in the normal ‘peak’ time.
Zappi/IO is about to be integrated too.

Ohme works well also so do look at the Octopus Forum to see threads as the ‘charger’ is supported, whereas my ‘car’ is supported at present.

Also look at Indra chargers and Simpson & Partners as they are ex Andersen and U.K. built too like Indra, Zappi and Ohme.

V2L will work regardless of charger as you will need to plug the adapter into the car to use that at max 3kw.
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