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Post by Gewitty »

I'm about to take delivery of an Ioniq 5 Premium Plus RWD with the 72.6Kw battery. Within a few days following delivery, I will be making the trip from Fishguard across to Oakham in Leicestershire, 316 miles. Has anyone yet had real world experience of the range achieved on a journey of this length? Given the range figures I've read about in reviews, I'm expecting to make only one recharge stop. Is this over-optimistic?

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Post by MadArt »

Hi, I have the same version of I5 and average I have 3.0Kwh. combined roads
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Post by PurleyKing »

I have the same specification as you. In the summer months with a 50/50 of town and motorway I got 4.0 miles per kwh for the first 7000 miles. During the winter with the same sort of driving it's now about 3.4. I am quite old and drive within the limits at all times. 60 to 65 on motorways.
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Post by SteveP »

Why is my Ioniq 5 showing range of only 257 miles when fully charged? I have the 2022 rear wheel drive (single motor) which I thought would show 300+ miles fully charged.
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Post by Bromsgroveuser »

It depends how you drive and what setting the car is in and if the heating is on, try putting the settings to economy with the heating off and see what happens, if you have a heavy right foot i doubt you'll ever see 300 miles, the official range is 298 i believe
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