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Post by paulneville »

Just received my new Ioniq5. I am trying to work out how to turn lane assist off permanently. I turn it off through the system menus but every time I start the car it has reset to lane assist warning on.

Is this standard and cant be stopped.


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Post by kvncltn »

I have the same problem, stupid to have the options but automatically change them back all the time.

I might invest in a Carly OBD adaptor to configure the car setting that way. You get access to lots of options just hope the lane assist is one of them.
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Post by Bromsgroveuser »

This is a problem that exists on a lot of new cars in order to get the full 5 Star Encap Rating . Think yourself lucky you only have to press 1 button to remove it , on the ID3 it takes 3 presses on the entertainment screen to achieve the same effect , I had one and it's a real B**lls ache
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